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    Informe del departamento de Sanciones del banco Interamericano de Desarrollo

IBD Bank Annual Report

IBD Bank has been a common customer for the past few years, mainly looking for clean, serious but fresh design for reports.

On these projects we look for an essentially typographic work, where hierarchy is our best ally. Just a few selected images and graphics of a particular style are used. In summary, we always look for a specific personality for each piece.

The Department of Sanctions of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is a body dedicated to the management of transparency, preventing or sanctioning acts of corruption and misappropriation of funds delivered by the IDB. In this sense, the project is presented graphically as an extension of the word transparency, by using air and water as an analogy to those values; The editorial grid, and the management of the space, raise those qualities generated by the use of white space, which is complemented by a restricted chromatic palette due to the structured nature of the publication.

Attention to detail, a deep knowledge of spelling and good ortotypography are our little secrets.