A Collection of Unused Logos & Symbols
Years worth of logos and general symbols which were created as part of explorations but never were used in their intended way. The why's behind their non-use are plentiful. Some were accidentally too similar to other logos I discovered, others didn't fit the project spec, and still others weren't liked by the clients. Still, despite their non-use, I enjoy them and hope you do as well.
Originally for a home construction and design company. Discovered this logo was similar to one already in existence.
Integration of a home and an Eagle. This one was similar to an existing mark and was subsequently never presented.
Graphic and memorable but didn't fit the spec as closely as I liked.
Integration of home, office tower, and tree for a multi-faceted company that built homes, commercial real estate, and land development.
A royal knocker.
Secondary mark that wasn't as strong as the primary we ended up using.
I loved the simple line gestures on this one.
File uploading service.
Launchpad online software.
Launchpad online software (also). Alt exploration.
Super-simple typography.
Drag & Drop Files.
Identity uploader. Very graphic.
Logo for "quick messaging" service.
Alternate exploration for deviantART's "Team Reactor" department.
Concept for a work app. A paper plane.
Alternative Bioplastic symbol.
Clouds at sunset exploration.
Alternative Bioplastics symbol.
Hand-drawn type.
Hand-drawn type.
Overly complex mark for technology team.