A selection of app icons created over the past year, from March 2012 to March 2013. Some made for fun, some made for clients.
Personal portfolio icon to be used as website iOS bookmark.
Sandwich iOS icon
Beverage Holder
French Fries
Icon for Basket, a grocery list app.
Icon for Bacon Diet, an app all about dieting by eating a ton of bacon.
Icon for HiTask, a task management app. Icon is based on app's existing logo.
Icon for Cloudspotter (unused).
Icon for Unlaced, a shoe enthusiast's app.
Icon for Pivotshare iPhone and iPad apps.
Website bookmark icon for Pivotshare.
Icon for Make Smoothies app.
Icon for Winkage, a dating chat app. Icon is based on Winkage's logo.
Icon for Shopular, a location-aware deals app.
Icon for Operation Awesome secret mission app.
Icon for Minus social website app. Icon is based on Minus' existing logo.
Proposed icon for NewFork, based on their existing logo.