Brand Integrations Book 2010-2011

DeviantART's biggest asset is its community: a collection of well over 16 million artistic individuals who come together to share their appreciation and love of creativity. As with any free web service, advertising is a necessity, but at DeviantART we find it important to focus on promotional integrations that don't get in the way of the service but instead enhance it.
Enter our contests and brand integrations.
DeviantART routinely builds contests by which we encourage artists to get involved with branded content. This promotes creativity and generates inspiration, so it's a win-win. But in order to keep the momentum going, we have to clarify why is a great place to get involved with. Hence, the Brand Integrations Book gives the ins and outs of deviantART as well as displays the amazing artwork that results from our contests.

The following is a selection of spreads to adequately represent the design of the book.
Chapter Introduction Spread.
The following chapter focuses on marketing information.
Close-up on integrated compass/target design.
An entry for our James & The Giant Peach integration (contest).
One of my favorite paintings included in the book.
A bit more detail on the "Skin A TRiK" spread.
Some detail on a subsequent image. I really like this contest entry.
One of the amazing entries for our Splice movie contest.