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    Small finds illustration
Devizes Museum Archaeology Field Group
Voluntary drawing work in 2005
While living in Wiltshire I became involed, albeit briefly, as a volunteer at Wiltshire Archaeology and Natural History Museum in Devizes.  As I was working as a field archaeologist and moved into archaeological illustration as a specialism at about this time, I also volunteered to draw some of the finds for the Field Group and ran two one day workshops on artefact illustration (pottery and flint).

My experience has grown vastly since I did these drawings but am still proud to have them within my portfolio.

Flint scraper.
Truncated flint arrowhead.  I re-worked this drawing a couple of years later after passing my interview panel for full membership of AAI&S as I wanted to improve my line shading showing flake removal. (see below)
Undated fragment of worked bone.  It is from a bovine juvenile as it uses a longbone with un-fused epiphisis.  The drill holes appear to be of a much earlier date than the incised decoration.
Worked bone, probably dating to the Bronze Age.
Two bone pins.
Decorated bone. Possibly Bronze Age.
A sherd of mildenhall ware pottery.  For an example of a reconstructed vessel see below.