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    Miscellaneous artwork, mainly pencil on paper.
Random Drawings
Most done for personal pleasure!
St Patrick's Church, Cowgate, Edinburgh.  Drawn for the cover of the Order of Service for my wedding (2005).  Drawn in Adobe Illustrator from a photograph.
The Battersea Shield (in the British Museum).  Dredged from the Thames near Battersea in the nineteenth century and the basis of my MA thesis.  It was dredged up with over a hundred human skulls, but the human remains are rarely mentioned.  The contemporary hypothesis was that there had been a battle with the Romans at that point by/over the river.  Modern theories (and my dissertation) suggest that there was a burial rite in the late La Tene iron age invoving interring the dead in water.  Pencil and paper.
Standing stones at Avebury.  Drawn while we lived not too far away in Littleton Panell, a village on the edge of Salisbury plain south of Devizes.  Pencil and paper.
Another drawing done rather a long time ago (c.1995 I think) a copy of the detail of the witches from "Macbeth, Banquo and the witches on the heath" by Johann Heinrich Fussli (Henri Fuseli) (1741-1825).  I went through a phase of enjoying and drawing copies of his work. One of my favourites was 'The Silence' which as I studied it realised that all the limbs were entirely disorted and out of proportion, but don't appear that way on first glance!

This drawing was exhibited in a local exhibition for Save the Children in the village hall, Seer Green in around 1996.
This is one for my father - it's his favourite drawing of mine, done when I was 15.  It is of a tree outside the Art room window at Holy Cross Convent School, Chalfont St Peter.  This was also exhibited at the same Save the Children exhibition as the drawing above. (Pencil and paper, has been scanned and stitched together on the computer for display purposes)