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    Glastonbury Abbey Excavation Archive Project
Glastonbury Abbey Archive Project (2009 - 2012/3)
A collaborative project between Glastonbury Abbey Trust, The University of Reading and The Arts and Humanities Reseach Council (AHRC).
The project is studying and analysing the archives of archaeological excavations at the Abbey since preliminary excavations in 1904 before it passed from private ownership into the hands of the Church of England. in 1908

Despite significant archaeological discoveries and the great importance of Glastonbury Abbey in understanding British monasticism, very little of this evidence has been published. In 1981, Ralegh Radford (Director of excavations 1951 - 1964) published an interim report suggesting a series of churches, a Saxon enclosure ditch, potentially the earliest cloister in Britain, and craft-working activities including unique glass furnaces.

My role is as project illustrator and these pages show a sample of some of the illustrations being prepared.  These range from excavation plans and sections to archaeological illustration of finds assemblages.  (The book in which these illustrations will be published is not due until approx 2014 (depending on peer review - please note: some of these are pre-publication and therefore still subject to revision.)

For further information email me or see:
From Medieval Archaeology (2007) outling results of the pilot project Fig 2. Excavations in the area of the Chapter House amalgamated with geophysics results
The Prehistoric Lithics
Early Neolithic chert side scraper

Early Mesolithic blade core
Early Mesolithic non-geometric obliquely truncated microlith
Roman pottery
Figural Stone
A monk's head, unearthed in 1921 in the area of the north transept of the Great Church.  Currently on display in the Glastonbury Abbey Museum.  (Drawn at 2:1 for reproduction at 1:1)
Truncated top of a monk's head.  Currently on display in the Glastonbury Abbey Museum.  (Drawn at 1:1 for reproduction at 1:2)
Miscellaneous small finds - iron, lead, bone etc
Padlock key
Sword quillion.
Weeding hook.
Lead alloy(?pewter) late medieval lid with incised decoration.  While drawing I created a negative image of a scan of the object and saw writing on it which was barely visible with the naked eye.
? probable plumbob
Copper alloy strap end
Medieval stained glass