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    kidrobot munnyworld set for the MWMC (munny world mega contest) by aargh!
This is the whole kidrobot munnyworld set. Sculpted and painted within one month for the MWMC (munny world mega contest). Feel free to visit the production log where daily progress was posted.
mu and du were hidden in the bushes looking through window of that family and watching cartoons on their abandoned tv when du felt asleep. now mu is taking his spirit sister sleeping. as you can see even spirits wear pyjamas:)

{ mu is kidrobot munny and du is custom kidrobot dunny in a rooz bag. }
rooza is typical harajuku station snap shot allstar. today she is in her gothic uniform.

{ rooza is custom kidrobot rooz. }
05 V6 twin turbo kersal massive style rollin tha hood, backseat hoes not included.  raff rider to the max!

{ raffy rider is kidrobot's raffy. }
vicious villian trikky is armed to the teeth, wearing the guy flawkes mask if he wants to put the v in vicious and hide his kawaii face (kukuč). in tigercamo his karate gimmicks are even more unpredictable. watch out big brother, watch out!

{ vicious villian is kidrobot trikky, of course. }
wearing the colours of popular japanse productivity doll mashed up with a bit of streetsteez and white lens.

{ daruman is custom bub by kidrobot. }
foomi with a special robotic arm extention made for tug of war contests and arm wrestling tournaments (not to win a truck). you better not challenge him.

{ A-4 unif is custom kidrobot foomi. }
怪獣クラッカ(kaijukracka) is a good example that crushing skyscrapers with your teeth is not really good for them. currently retired from the city attacks spending a lot of time in spas. hold on, there is someone in the costume! seems like this case is solved scoobydoo style.

{ kaiju kracka is kracka by kidrobot. it also took the second place in best kracka category. }