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App Design
Despite being big winter sports fans, and consistent medal winners in the past, Czechs were reluctant to attend the 2014 Winter olympics. Visas, inflated costs, and a complex history with Russia meant that the Czech team would be left with precious little support on the ground in Sochi. 
Czech Radio, the official media sponsor of the olympic team, created a smartphone app which depicted an exact replica of the night sky above Sochi, with real stars that fans could tag with messages of support for their heroes. The Czech athletes received unique QR codes that worked as login credentials to their personalized version of the app, that could then read, like and respond to the messages.
The design solution is based on flat colours and lowpolygon generated platonic-solids that represented the stars. Not only did the design look contemporary but it also helped the compatibility issue with lower performance android devices. These recieved same experience but with less stars generated at once.
creative director: will rust / claudiu dobrita
design team: petra biro / katerina kurtakova / daniel kupr / alena neubauerova
developed by: adikt mobile
account team: geometry global / ogilvy & mather prague
case film: trusty / boogie



we designed an app that connects czech sports fans directly to mobile phones of czech athletes in sochi2014. the design is based on lowpolygonal Read More