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    Design concepts for mobile operator.
Concepts for WiFi service
Megafon is the russian mobile phone operator.

The main idea of ​promo ​design was to play with things related to Internet. 
This is information exchange, searching, communication, social networks, forums, multimedia, blogs, entertainment, interests,  useful applications. 
It's hard to imagine today's world without all that things. 

This is router.
My task was to make some designs with it and firm colors.
Custom design with slogan for back (Catch Wi-Fi).

I made couple simple designs about summer and as play with slogan CATCH (Catch WiFi).

Now let's back to concepts for front side of promo stuff.

Router is the main element of design, it's white, big and contrast.

I fixed router by classic shield.

I took round icons and cut that shield. It gives a little better form to shield 
and it's good place for key icons.

And added orbits around. It give volumetric effect and some dynamics.

Added details.

I added Wi-Fi waves on bottom. 
Wi-Fi icon is important and it also helps to form the curve I need for next step.

And next step is ribbon with slogan.

So, composition is almost ready.  Now it's time to add icons.
Concept for front side is ready.