Nike Dunk - 25

Fashion Rooms (boutique)
WW - Wuwi World

Tsar-Bomb is the Queen of destruction. Was made for CCCP not dead pack by OSK

Ouroboros project. Russian hand-made version
Football is the War. Fields of Battle

Burglarize emblem for Dark Pack by OSK
Street Fashion. Personal / OSK emblem
CCCP power

Ganja Money Guns (Jamaica) is the main emblem of OSK clothing collection
And this is the Money from Jamaica pack

Automat (Automat Kalashnikova, 1947)
Hoodie by OSK apparel
Personal Jesus. And heat yeah
London-based film director
Duke of Hoxton. Hand-made script
In Soviet Russia it was an emblem of Elementary School. So, this is Oldskul
Double M - Metal Man. 2005
Vector (autotrader)


air tickets

Asian chess school
Discount Boutique. Draft concept
WUWI clothing. Logo was made 2006-2007
The main logo of OSK. I will explain concept later