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    Student project for Orrefors
Votive Eight   A school project in collaboration with Orrefors
Eight, changes our perception of votives. As the market overflows, it becomes harder to be noticed and stand out from all the classics. Attempts to recreate and capture the feelings of candlelight’s with technology have failed. An electric light can never be the same as a candle light, no matter how hard it tries. Eight doesn’t pretend. The electric light gives Eight the unique feeling of something else, something new. It’s a mysterious light that suits the mystique of the glass material.
The shape of Eight has a movement that wants to interact with more of the same. The balanced direction in Eight enables dynamic compositions. Due to its masculine minimalism, it is aimed for confident young men that want to reflect their passion for a high quality life and good taste. It is the perfect gift to friends and families that meets the mystique of Orrefors for the first time.
Thanks to Berge Consulting for rendering help