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    Poton concept, a dynamic surface for temporary storing in future car interiors
Ponton Concept  
Temporary storing in future car interiors

The Ponton Concept is the result of my MFA final thesis. The surface concept of the center stack adjusts to external objects when placed on the flat surface. The desired space for external objects will be present wherever and whenever it is needed.

The center stack position in the middle of the car interior makes it accesible for every passenger. Families use this space as a passage of external objects. Today it's mostly food and drink that travels from the front to the back seat but in the future it might be music or other media that is shared from several mobile devices.

The future car will be shared even further than todays car pools. This calls for individual adjustments and a dynamic interior that can suit more users than just one family. The temporary storing space of car interiors of today are static and limited to it's walls. Users are left to their creativity to make their personal belongings fit. It should be the other way around.

This work was based on contextual video interviews. 5 families assisted me with feedback and their experiences.
The concept deals with contrasts between the organic and the digital. The visible surface consists of a pliable material while the inside consists of a digital net that adapts to the shape of objects.
With the Ponton Concept the user has the opportunity to interact between different devices. Today one can already simply access a mobile phone by the car interface. The concept takes the interaction to another level and allows interconnection with all sorts of external objects. Heating or cooling drinks are available with a cup. Mobile devices can also be charged by induction. The different opportunities of interaction are connected to the present object.
Thanks to Volvo Cars for support