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Makhamisa Foods - A Taste of Africa

Makhamisa Foods, a proudly South African brand, was co-founded by Mr. Terence Leluma and Ms. Phumzile Nkomo. The entity is a 100% completely black-owned and managed company based in Edenvale, Johannesburg. Their journey commenced back in 2014 when Terence Leluma had a transformative experience while sharing a meal with his father-in-law. 

Makhamisa Foods specializes in condiments and offers a wide range of sauces and pickled vegetables. Their products are a delightful blend of flavors reminiscent of African heritage. The company’s commitment to quality and authenticity has earned it a 5-star rating from satisfied consumers.

Our collaboration with the client centered around redefining their core values, encapsulated in the evocative phrase: “A Taste of Africa.” This essence became our guiding star as we embarked on creating a digital masterpiece that would resonate with visitors, tell their story, and celebrate their rich culinary heritage.

Elegant and Sophisticated Website Design:
We wove together aesthetics and functionality to craft a website that exuded beauty and sophistication. Every pixel was meticulously curated to evoke the warmth, vibrancy, and authenticity of African flavors.The site seamlessly narrates their journey, inviting users to explore their culinary adventure. From tantalizing recipes to product showcases, we ensured that each element spoke to their unique story.

Strategic Recommendations and Navigation Overhaul:
Our team reimagined the site’s architecture, introducing a fresh navigation structure. We meticulously crafted a new sitemap, emphasizing key sections: pages, products, outlets, and the online store.The goal? To make browsing effortless, intuitive, and frictionless. Users could now navigate with ease, discovering the heart of “A Taste of Africa.”

Visual Product Storytelling:
We breathed life into their product offerings. The revamped design emphasized visuals, allowing users to savour the essence of each item. Improved navigation and filtering ensured a delightful exploration. The product story unfolded through captivating imagery, enticing users to embark on their own culinary journey.

Recipes Area: Where Flavour Meets Engagement:
Our solution included a search-friendly and socially-focused recipes section. Users could dive into mouth-watering dishes, share their favourites, and explore the rich tapestry of African cuisine. Organic search opportunities blossomed as users engaged with recipes, fostering a community of food enthusiasts.

User-Friendly Store Locator:
Finding their products became effortless. We designed a store locator page, integrating geolocation and postal code search via the Google Maps API.
Whether in bustling cities or serene landscapes, users could pinpoint the nearest outlets and savor “A Taste of Africa.”

Client: Makhamisa
Technologies: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, YII Php framework CMS
Makhamisa Foods - A Taste of Africa

Makhamisa Foods - A Taste of Africa