Good Story To Tell stands as an African beacon—a digital and audio magazine that illuminates the positive narratives across our vibrant continent. Their mission? To challenge the collective spirit of Africa—to amplify good news, share uplifting stories, and celebrate the richness that graces our land.

In this endeavor, we embarked on a creative voyage—a digital magazine that would weave together the threads of inspiration, resilience, and hope. Our canvas was the vast expanse of pixels and sound waves, waiting to carry tales of triumph and unity.

As we crafted this mosaic of goodness, we held fast to a simple creed: Be good. Do good. Our pages would echo with the laughter of communities, the strides of change-makers, and the quiet victories that often go unnoticed.

We aimed to create a serious, intellectually engaging publication that was visually striking through the use of sleek design and compelling photography. The challenge was to create a magazine that appealed to a mainstream audience while being part of the new wave of media channels.

Given the opportunity to move the needle of change in digital publication, we didn’t want the aesthetics to be used to drown out the core message of the magazine – which is its content. We needed the aesthetics to work at the service of the content.

The final result was a product accessible via different media platforms, catering to every convenience. Good news can be seen and heard all over Africa, at the click of a button. This inspires story tellers from all over the continent to contribute, engage and tell their own good story.

Client: Good Story To Tell
Technologies: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign
Good Story To Tell

Good Story To Tell