Homebourse | The online real estate marketplace

Homebourse - The online real estate marketplace
JAN, 2024

We're excited to share our motion graphics project for Homebourse.

Homebourse offers a streamlined experience for users worldwide. In "Remote Buying," we visually highlighted the simplicity of purchasing properties from any location. Through clear graphics, we showcased the platform's global accessibility, making property acquisition hassle-free.

USP animated icons

Color Palette
Sound Design and Dedicated Music

Sound design played a crucial role in enriching the overall viewer experience and reinforcing the message portrayed by the visuals. The dedicated music composition was carefully synchronized with the animation's rhythm and pace, ensuring a seamless blend of each beat and movement.
Creative and Art Direction: Amir Parva
Motion Graphics Design: Amir Parva
Character Illustration: Kimia Barhemmat
USP icon illustration and animation: Amir Parva
AI Illustration: Midjourney
Music & Sound Design: Mohammad Asghari (woolwavemusic)



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Homebourse | The online real estate marketplace