FLIPROOM - Empowering Resellers

Motion Graphics
FLIPROOM - Empowering Resellers
MAY, 2024

We were thrilled to complete an exciting animation project for FLIPROOM.

FLIPROOM presents an innovative solution tailored specifically for resellers operating within the sneaker market. Our team took charge of various key aspects, including direction, illustration creation, animation, sound design, and music composition. The overarching objective of this project is to shed light on the formidable hurdles that resellers encounter on a daily basis, such as manual communication, antiquated inventory management systems, and the unfortunate occurrence of missed sales opportunities.

We crafted an animation that aims to captivate and inform viewers about the pressing challenges faced by resellers in this industry, ultimately emphasizing the invaluable role that FLIPROOM plays in empowering these individuals to overcome these obstacles and achieve greater success.

Color Palette
Sound Design and Dedicated Music

Sound design played a crucial role in enriching the overall viewer experience and reinforcing the message portrayed by the visuals. The dedicated music composition was carefully synchronized with the animation's rhythm and pace, ensuring a seamless blend of each beat and movement.
"I am thrilled to share my experience working with the exceptional design agency that created the phenomenal video promotion for our SaaS product. The level of professionalism, creativity, and dedication demonstrated by the team, led by the talented Amir, exceeded our expectations at every turn.

From the outset, Amir's meticulous attention to detail was nothing short of impressive. He carefully considered every aspect of the project, ensuring that each element aligned with our brand and vision. It was clear that Amir took great pride in his work, and his commitment to delivering a high-quality product was evident throughout the process.

One aspect that truly stood out was the agency's ability to strike the perfect balance between time and quality. While the project was completed within a reasonable timeframe, it was evident that no corners were cut in the pursuit of excellence. The end result speaks for itself: a visually stunning, engaging, and memorable video promotion that effectively showcases our SaaS product and captures the essence of our brand.

I cannot recommend this design agency highly enough. If you're looking for a team that goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional results, look no further. The combination of Amir's keen eye for detail, unwavering commitment to quality, and efficient project management will undoubtedly elevate your project to new heights.”

- Stefano Rosa
- Product Manager @ wirehub.co  |  April, 2023

Creative and Art Direction: Amir Parva
Motion Graphics Design: Amir Parva
Design & Illustration: Kimia Barhemmat
Music & Sound Design: Mohammad Asghari (woolwavemusic)



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FLIPROOM - Empowering Resellers

FLIPROOM - Empowering Resellers

We were thrilled to complete an exciting animation project for FLIPROOM. FLIPROOM presents an innovative solution tailored specifically for resel Read More