OneFood Explainer - Discover Unique Food
We thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with OneFood Italy on this animated explainer.
About OneFood

OneFood provides a platform for local producers to showcase their products on their innovative App. This empowers customers to conveniently browse and purchase groceries directly from their preferred producers, diverging from the conventional supermarket approach and emphasizing support for neighborhood shops. OneFood firmly believes in the paramountcy of quality, enabling you to have your desired groceries delivered to your doorstep by selecting meat from your favored butcher, fruits from trusted farmers, milk from your preferred dairy, and much more. OneFood diligently takes on the responsibility of collecting these items from all the stores and delivering them to their valued customers.
Our Role
Our role encompassed a wide range of creative tasks, including direction, copywriting, storyboard development, illustration, and animation. We took charge of guiding the project, ensuring a cohesive vision and clear communication. By carefully crafting compelling copy and visuals.
Final Frames
Producer: Parva Studio
Creative/art director: Amir Parva
Motion designer: Abolfazl Babaei
Illustrator and designer: Kimia Barhemmat
Sound designer: Alexander Maslyuk

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OneFood Explainer - Discover Unique Food

OneFood Explainer - Discover Unique Food

An explainer video for One Food Italy – is an easy-to-use platform that offers the opportunity for local producers to place their products on the Read More