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Fireside Book Publishing and Landing Page

Firside: By Blake Leath, phd | Book Layout, Editor, Content Manager, and Publisher
This book is now available in black and white and Color. After receiving the content for the book (available on Blake leath, phd's Blog) I placed all the content into Adobe inCopy. After editing and formatting the 525 pages, I layed out each chapter and imported this beautiful illustrations by Mark Boardman.
Each of the 17 chapters contains this chapter layout, content, reference images and a final chapter illustration followed by a page for notes. All of the 17 chapter illustrations are by Stan Chou. 
This project took almost a whole year with edits and content revisions. I also had the opportunity to add two internal illustrations.
The cover design was a collaboration between myself and Matt Boardman, who beautifully illustrated the fire on the blue mountainscape. I designed the title and laid out all the other content and information.
After the book I published the book on Amazon via KDP I also created a Vercel App run Website/Landing page with Richard van der Dys who at this time only had to oversee me and answer questions. the landing page is a simple mobile-responsive static website built with JavaScript and Sass, focusing on the 2 CTA sections with direct Amazon links. Feel free to check it out at firesidebook.com
Fireside Book Publishing and Landing Page