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Full Branding Strategy through web development

The Full Progression
Welcome to a walk through the creation of a site, event experience, collateral, and marketing for a non-profit organization and their event. Get prepared because that sentence alone is a lot.

Welcome to CSAKIS, a non-profit organization based in Europe. I hope you enjoy -- and please leave comments as this is an on-going project and they are very appreciated.

Meeting and Making the Brand
Using a technique I learned from Chris Do

Culture: Open, Relaxed, Accepting, Playful, Loving
Customer: Family, (all-ages, all-stages), kids, youthful, busy, multi-lingual
Voice: Approachable, kind, loving, encouraging, spiritual but non-judgmental
Value: Generous, helping, supporting, teaching, cultivating
Typography Comments:
Goals: Easy to read, accent compatible, and playful
Color Comments:
Goals: High contrast, bold, and clean 
User Flow:
This was super straight forward. Multi-lingual, iPhone 4 users = 64% of the audience, mobile and social-friendly, easy to update, and hard to get lost

Talk through break!
Identity: This logo was already updated, I changed the original feel from casual-relaxed to a clean-approachable-friendly feel. 
Goal: Leaning into a modern design to draw in a younger crowd. The branding should sell "free assistance," the goal is not-profit--to deepen the brand, relate to the audience, and connect, without being connected to others, they cannot help others.

Low-fidelity comments:
Goals: iPhone 4, re-usable for programming, east to translate, easy to update and easy to adapt.

High(ish)-Fidelity: WIREFRAMES FOR SITE
With the help of my partner-in-crime|  Kick-butt Developer: Richard van der Dys

So, would you like to check out the live site, if so...

**PLEASE NOTE: this is mobile-first and in-progress web site, so the desktop part of this application is without up-to-date media queries and in-depth browser testing**

Initial Social Media Rebrand
Initial media brand comments:
Goals: quickly identifiable, relate-able, spikes curiosity, and versatile.
Here are some final shots of the website: 
Extending the Brand to Social Media
I assist in this process by providing example English content and a schedule for the organization to follow. In this next section of images, I wanted to share with you a bit of the graphic feel to these posts. As this Organization runs, I will add some of my favorite branded graphics to this Behance Project.
Also, thank you to Dalma, my faithful content gatherer, Hungarian speaker, and patient helper! And, before I publish this post, thank you... thank you for reading 😀 I hope you enjoyed the content and maybe I even helped you spark an idea!

Full Branding Strategy through web development

Full Branding Strategy through web development

Non-profit full project overlook, I headed up the scope, strategy, branding, marketing and development (developed with the help of my partner in Read More