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Good Red Herring - jacket

'Good Red Herring'  Jacket
An intriguing murder mystery set in an imaginary world, peopled by vampires, dimorphs, luchrupáns and the odd - very odd - Salmon Farsade, an orphan with the ability to read auras. Salmon becomes apprenticed to Muinbeo’s most famous nocturnal detective, the long-lived and sharp-toothed Inspector McCabe, and together they try to sniff out who killed Fen Maguire - and why. 
'Hard silver light caught in her dark hair, the moon shadows giving her pointed face a romance it lacked in life. He wedged his nose against the clenched hand under the bent arm, against the blood-soaked earth where her life had finally trickled away. The ghost of wind, which only he could feel, stirred, and he raised his head. Cullen had learned the odour of her dead body, and turned to inhale the story of her death.'
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I've recenetly started using my sketchbook for my illustration projects as well as personal work.
The hand lettering is inspired by medieval type I found in a museum in Barcelona.
final cover design - front, back and spine
Illustrated Barcode
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Good Red Herring - jacket


Good Red Herring - jacket

Illustrated jacket design for Susan Maxwell's, Good Red Herring, published by