Self-Portrait of my essence
Its been a while since i posted art here, many things have happend to me in this time, great things & awful things.
But well, this is a simple expression of that feelings, a portrait of myself, represented by icons and elements of the things i love the most. 
We all have similar contructions,  some elements are the same, some others are completely diferent, but the truth is that every single thing that form part of us is built uppon experiences, feelings and memories.

I've learn that i have a Relentless Heart, sometimes thats good, some others are bad, and some even worst.
i cant control it... i've tried before and i couldn't, im trying now and its hopeless.  So the only thing left is to pay de price, what ever this is.

So i represent this by the lines that come out of the words "relentless heart" in the chest of the robot,  because no matter how many layers i put uppon my heart or how many locks i use for it, like the armor of the robot,  it always found a way to release itself.  The curious thing is that  that same thing is what keep all my elements togheter, wich is represented by the yellow color that fills the image,    our greatest passion,  and idea,  people or that someone...

I got a relentless heart,
for the best and the worst,
to enjoy and give my world,
and to grief and cry for it,