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    Theme Challenge; 30 Drawings, in 30 Days 1. Self Portrait 2. Imaginary Friend 3. Most Recent Dream 4. Re-Design Book Cover 5. Childhood Memory 6… Read More
    Theme Challenge; 30 Drawings, in 30 Days 1. Self Portrait 2. Imaginary Friend 3. Most Recent Dream 4. Re-Design Book Cover 5. Childhood Memory 6. Whats in Your Bag? 7. Hybrid Animal 8. Scene From a Movie 9. Siamese Twins 10. Super Hero 11. Super Villain 12. An Elderly Person 13. A Freakin' Baby 14. Portrait of a Pet 15. A Dinosaur 16. Draw Something with Your Eyes Closed 17. A Delicious Food 18. ZOMBIES!! 19. Sea Creature 20. Your Dream Job 21. A Guilty Pleasure 22. Favourite Cartoon Character 23. Actor/Actress 24. A Collage 25. Best Friend 26. Instrument 27. Something with Sentimental Value 28. Your Zodiac Sign 29. The Meaning of Your Name 30. Favourite Outfit. -Completed August 2010 Read Less
30 Drawings, in 30 Days
Day #1.Self Portrait
I have eagerly/foolishly gotten on-board with this 30 Day Drawing Challenge. So here it goes…
Day #3.Most Recent Dream
I rarely remember dreams, when I do they’re all just nightmares about having a desk-job again ^^;

However, THIS is a doodle of a story I cooked up last week, while trying to put someone to sleep. It’s about three monsters who carry a world made of glass and shadow, and the tiny visitor who passed through unharmed. I guess some of us don't need sleep to dream.
Day #4.Redesign Book Cover
I always resented how drab Salinger’s Book Covers were. I could never hate the man, but he sure made resenting him easy. Only “Catcher” had a variant cover, but that did little for me since “Franny & Zooey” was always my favorite of his works. See?

Note: Favoritism!
Day #5. Childhood Memory
My earliest childhood memory is having been mauled by a dog at age 2. I didn’t mind very much cuz I loved that dog. I’ve loved no other dog since. Seriously, total cat-person… and now it makes sense.
Day #6. What’s in Your Bag?
Most common items found in every bag I own; 1) Fleur De Lis 2) packets of Sugar and 3) specialized stationary… possibly a RedBull. To think, this is my tiniest bag, still pretty full-up with nerdist chaos <3
For a change of pace and medium, I borrowed the schoolroom and its supplies, which was a good idea in every way except execution. Believe me, the last thing you want is children poking through your things while you’re focused on trying to capture “still life”.
Day #7.Hybrid Animal
Up till an hour ago, not a damn thing came to mind, until I saw SciFi Channel’s trailer promos from ComicCon2010 and among them was “Sharktopus”(?!). It’s not the it inspired, it’s that the concept confused me. Because if Sharks can only see shapes through shadow… well, honestly, wouldn’t they just scare the crap out of themselves if they were part Octopus? I think, yes…
Day #8.Scene From A Movie
Having just watched “Inception” for the second time, it’s difficult to entertain the prospect of drawing of a scene from any other movie… but then comes the tougher choice of which scene, since I kinda love them all.

So, here is 13-hours of straight quick work, including a bit of something from nearly every scene, only not spoiler-y (if you can imagine such a thing!)
Day #9.Siamese Twins
First thought; it could only be of Ping + Jing [from Big Fish], partly because for Twins, conjoined or otherwise, they’ve got such different countenance its equally disarming as it is charming …but mostly because they end up with Wandering Poet Laureate/Turned Bank Robber/Turned Wall Street Tycoon played by Steve Buscemi, which is a level of awesome I could never capture on paper.
Day #10. Superhero
Charlie Chaplin was much more than just Super and he has/will always been a Hero to me.
Day #11. Super Villain
When it comes to “Villains” there is no one more villainous than Hilter… except I don’t want to draw him, so instead I’ve drawn Charlie Chaplin (from ‘the Great Dictator’), because he is still rather Super.
Day #12. An Elderly Person
 Fleur + an Nostalgic Old Bird from “Cirque Du Soleil; Allegria”. Maybe a cheat, since their features are exaggerated to begin with but since we’ve been watching this DVD for the past few days, its hard to pull inspiration from anywhere else.
Day #13. A Freakin’ Baby
Tamir’s Child + a Nymph from Cirque Du Soleil; Allegria.
Day #15.A Dinosaur
 Bit of a cheat cuz this is NOT a dinosaur, but I was looking at the Dinosaurs on the toy-shelf, trying to pick just one, when I saw Retro!Godzilla giving Nu!Godzilla the stank eye. This just had to be done.
Day #16. Draw Something With Your Eyes Closed
 Another bit of a cheat, Collab effort with one of my wards, 8-year-old Grace. She wanted to draw the T.A.R.D.I.S. in the Time-Vortex. All the colors and crayons are hers. I kept my eyes closed all the while it was, freakishly intense for me…
Day #17.A Delicious Food
(World Famous) Lindy’s Cheesecake. There is nothing better… and if there is I’d never know since I’ve developed a crippling intolerance to lactose. Still, make a bee-line for there whenever I get near her, at least for Good Morning Coffee or Midday Long Island Ice-Teas :D
Day #18. ZOMBIES!!
 Beside my tablet, I keep a vial of Zombie!Cure I picked up sometime ago. I’ve got escape routes, weapons, back-up escape routes, back-up weapons, etc. Zombie Apocalypse comes & I’m all about the double-tap + heads-shots-only. I get that.
But today, I realized what I don’t get is “Fan-Girls”. If they ever up-rose… I’d just swallow my shotgun.
Day #19.Sea Creature
 Our Ronnie (veronicakaitlyn) asked for Loch Ness, so this is for her. I never did much imagine Nessie was a Brontosaurus. I like to imagine she’s more magical than just that. Not that a Brontosaurus could really be ‘just’ anything.
Day #20.Your Dream Job
@7 I wanted to be a firemen, but I knew I wasn’t really up to the physicality of it.
@14 I wanted to be an architect, but I knew couldn’t wrap my brain around the maths of it.
@21 I wanted to be able to walk again, properly, without braces or canes, which I since have done.
<—That sort of thing teaches you achievable dreams aren’t really worth the time to dream them, in fact they’re called “Goals”. That’s the sort of thing I wish I could unlearn.
Since then, myself, I don’t dream anymore. But insomnia leaves me a lot of hours to be captured up in crazed thoughts; neither dreams nor goals, just ramblings of happy mad-bits tied together by couplets and limericks matched w/ phosphorescent images, some would call musings.

I think I’ve trained all my life to be suited to the task “Creating”.
If I could have a dream job, it would probably be to make of “Job of Dreaming”, make ‘em bigger, better, broader. BOMBASTIC even. I reckon’ I’d be quite good at that
Day #21. A Guilty Pleasure
I’m not big on guilt; I drink, I swear, I’m loud and I’m OK with these things, so this theme wasn’t easy.

Coffee is all I got; I feel guilty it dehydrates me to the point that I shouldn’t have more Coffee, but then I do anyway and feel better… right before I feel a whole lot worse.

Hence the “Guilt” :D
Day #22.Favorite Cartoon Character Inexplicably New York. Smexy but not a Furry. “Metrosexual” before it was even a word. The exception that proves the rule… the friggen exception to every rule. Needs no introduction…
Day #23.Actor/Actress
Bryce Dallas Howard (Actress) + Seth Gabel (Actor), married since 2006. I adore their works so much. They’ve more repute for stage than screen but anything they’ve been in is made better for them having been in it. They’ve only been in one film together (Good Dick) as the annoying ‘kissing couple’ in the video store, which this image is drawn from. She’s so obviously pregnant in it, I’m endlessly charmed.
Day #24.A Collage
 I used ShapeCollage to put this together. I’m for Crap at Collages, always have been, always will be. But the I <3 MY ART theme is borrowed from the R.I.D. Girls. I ::heart:: them too.
Day #25.Best Friend
The coveted position of “Besties” has been vacated as of late due to equal parts Deceit + Death. Lately, I’ve leaned in on ol’ reliable, my hole-in-the-wall Local Library. Happiest place on earth, srsly. That or the bottom of a bottle, I swear its like being 15 all over again!
Day #26.Instrument
For musical themes, I like shapes more than accuracy, it’s to do with rhythm I suspect but you can’t do that with instruments. It’s disrespectful, somehow. Since, I prefer things that are ‘Exceptions to the Rule’ I went with The Hornicator, because it’s Crazy Genius!
Day #27.Something w/ Sentimental Value
Newly 18, alone, jobless, homeless + soul-sick; I got on a bus with no destination. Several thousand miles + 14-days later this amethyst was gifted to me by an amazing someone who I’ll never forget, I’ll never really know + I’ll never meet again.
That was a lifetime ago …yet today, like any day I could be alone, jobless, homeless + aimless… but never soul-sick.
Well, never so much a good bout of wanderlust won’t fix. And I never travel without this.
Day #28.Your Zodiac Sign
I have the peculiar and apparently “inherently hard-headed” privilege of being born both ‘Year of the Ram’ as well as an Aries.
Day #29.The Meaning of Your Name
Sometimes I feel I was aptly named considering how often I like to ‘ninja in the night’. That and I have an overdeveloped sense of valor.

Also, go to [link] and make your own! It will never look as bad-ass as mine but its still crazy fun. While you’re at it, if you haven’t seen the movie go see it… and if you have seen the movie, Go See It Again!
I Challenge You!
Day #30. Favorite Outfit - Firstly; its not meant to be me in this drawing; W posed dramatically for me, hence the adorable weirdness of it.
And B;This outfit does not exist, because 1) it would cost a fortune and 2) only an idiot would wear it… and the day this idiot can afford to dress like an ‘Ostentatious Monochromatic Vagabond’ is the day I die, meaning I’d like to buried in this :D
And that, as they say, is All Folks! I’ve got a plane to catch.