A Visual Journal of Observations & Inventions
Backgrounds & Landscapes
NYC. When I travel I miss this messy smelly cranky crowded place, not the actual place it is now but the sense of her. The shops that have closed and hand-made trinkets bartered therein, the breaking into city parks long after dark to just to share a swing seat and watch the stars, the all-ages night clubs that used to be a Church or used to be a Bank and would someday soon become a Farmer's Market. Places that aren’t there anymore except for the feel of them.

I think New York is a vampire; it makes old-souls of lovers and while staying always young, always changing, always new.

This is how I remember her best.

Everything in this drawing is inaccurate. And that is what makes it perfectly right.My friend, Sarah A. asked for this as a print. I hadn't made available before because it's SUCH a weird size.
Ginza, Tokyo Japan [dirt version] : quite like this variant. possibly prefer it even. very ominously ominous
Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan (unfinished/wip): Although drawn up on the same day, this wasn’t meant to pair with the Ginza, Tokyo picture. Didn’t bother finishing when I realized I was drawing the wrong district
Caracas, Venezuela: for scheming things ...also, my hand hurts. yep
Ginza, Tokyo Japan [clean version] : Hi-Res detailed backgrounds used for "Inception: The Big Under" Submissions... uploaded because my frontpage is looking rather repetitive

Not to mention cuz it's sorta bad-ass on it own.
The World’s Tree; [link]

(background for "11:11:11" & "86.Seeing Red")
Historic, DC...not that you would know it to look at it. Backgrounds being my least favorite thing, I thought it’d help to reference my most favorite places.

Didn’t help at all
concept - TINCITY [street]
where the mechs roam and seldom is heard and metaphysical words cuz the humans was all burnt away. just revisiting. for a bit. maybe more.

(entirely w/ copics)
concept - TINCITY [adel's creepy van]
as a 500+ year-old, preadolescence, arms dealing, defective robot assassin, addy remains fairly comfortably nestled within her minced VW micro-bus, nestled in the ruins of tincity. that's my favorite sentence this week!
background/landscape - columns : came across this background earlier today, used for this Muse Series; (lights | starlight | moonlight | sunlight ). I remember exhausting myself during the structure of this thing. Now, it seems so simple but in a good way. Pliable. Wonder how else I can use it?
Victorian London - not particularly accurate, based off the piers in Chelsea (as well as ~TheAcidFairy's House Boat/WWII Motor-Torpedo Boat on the river Thames)
Place & Things
Nomi lives in a massive decadent multi-compartmental dirigible. (whew! bet you can't say that three times fast!)

And it's Dirigible; not an "Airship", not a "Blimp", not a "Zeppelin", 'Led' or otherwise, but a glorious amalgamation of inhabitable steam powered goodness. The MoMA, in NYC is has a new exhibition on prefabricated houses. It made my head 'splode with joy. Now to work on interiors to fit Nomi's specifics... there are so many. Nomi's a bit amazing... and no, not a sky-pirate.
So, this character, Izumi's, when his luxurious ocean liner crashes and he decides to build on it, make it into a Tavern & Bar and live in it. I'd like to say he's an eccentric, but he's rather chill actually.
People's, Creatures etc.
2 Monsters at Tea
Rufus Cane, more wulf than wer... that is if the kept Club, rode Harleys and went outlaw. Sketch for 42.Standing Still.
Preliminary Sketch for 46.FamilyDrawn whilst humming along to Irving Berlin's "Sisters".
The Sisters Cody - Here are the Twins again. They went through a couple of revisions because they are so alike in temperament and body-language but entirely foreign in every way that counts. The "46. Family " piece posted early has a bit more realism but none of their humor. My favorite version is the one to the Right simply because Allé is looking entirely too smug. Plus, I think she's giving her other self the 'Stank-Eye' o_0; Which is entirely like her…
New Years/Giftmas 2011