When we say Tuscany, the first image that your mind is probably the processes of its hills and its cypresses.
As a result of a feeling of concern and protection of these beautiful lands and to coincide with the entry into force of the new anti-graffiti, vandalism born just after some monumental statues of great historical and cultural significance were damaged with color spray, was born the desire to find an alternate route that would combine the TAG phenomenon, born of a very resistant inks and acrylics as pollutants, new techniques and materials less harmful to the environment.
There was a research devoted to the emergence of writing your name in your city (basic concept of the phenomenon TAG) of experiencing anything but the traditional colors. This tour ended with the creation of a TAG giant, visible from satellites in Google Earth, as large as 8 times the city's main square in Volterra. My name dominated my city. The realization of this happened thanks to the traditional means of cultivation Alessandro Borghi (the landowner, as well as a great friend) took care to drive. Following in collaboration with the 'Freedom of Expression Creative Cultural Association organized a big party in my name, where between the letter L and the letter O, Nicola Testa Pineschi and March created a unique musical and poetic sunset, as you can see material in the video below.
The documentation of photographs by Sandro Caterpillars, Francesca and Stefano Bertoni Dear portrays the event in what for me remains the best shot: my name carved in large field behind my home town, a vision that has always remained dear to me I love to hate-linked to the city where I was born and raised and from whom I have always tried to escape.

Size 400m x 100m

Volterra, PI
Tuscany ITALY

Elektro Domestik Force
Creative Group