The second project of our project TUSCANY'S URBAN COLORS CORRECTION, realized by Lopez and Umberto Staila at ITT "Marco Polo" in Florence. 
The largest mural that has ever been built in Europe on a school building.

"This mural is born in the classroom, from a comparison between students, professors, and we of EDFcrew.
We tried to stimulate the creative process of this working group, helping them to make the most of this opportunity (for them completely new and far from the program and the school address), then trying to remain in the group as non-influential observers, helping them only to realize the planning and to rationalize the ideas in the best way to be able to put them in practice during the realization phase.
The result emerged from this research phase is an evolutionary path, which comes from white color, arranged on a large scale on the left side of the facade, to get to the black color, located on the far right of the facade, right on the school entrance, colors that allegorically correlate respectively to the departure (to the pure "I") and to the arrival of a process of research, of a journey, of an evolution.
A journey that develops through various meetings, meetings of colors, meetings of more or less definable forms and that finds the universe as its final destination, the place where all the answers are contained, the greatest teacher that one can ever have. honor to listen, from which you can learn without end, through exemplary manifestations of micro and macrocosms. A very special Gramsci phrase appears in transparency in this vast and nebulous universe, a concrete message of invitation to personal commitment, to the determination and encouragement for all those who will enter this universe to grow and develop as thinking individuals, capable , aware and as explorers of life and endless paths.
In order not to leave anyone alone, on this trip we have chosen to report on the wall of the ITT "Marco Polo", we have portrayed an expert guide, the greatest and cunning of the Greek heroes, Ulysses / Odysseus / Nobody, a figure with whom to feel protected, quiet, which metaphorically relate to the figure of the professor, the principal, who in this adventure that is the school, guide those who come to learn about wisdom, growth.
There are also many useful objects for navigation intertwined with each other, even these allegorically related to the objects necessary for the journey to knowledge, such as books.
Continuing our work, on the side adjacent to the school entrance, we involved the writers of the 4th district of Florence, gathered in groups and joined by the street operators of the Sonoria youth center, for the continuation of our intervention. We asked him to continue our journey and to reverse it to close the cycle of life. They, in an excellent way, have evolved the design from black to white, where before the white, there is a clock, which we read as a tribute to the true treasure of life, in fact, time. So this mural ends, returning to the starting point, exactly as it happens with an experience. Here we create a moment of reflection, where we understand this journey, what it brought us, how it made us grow. The pure "I" remains white.
We can only say that it was a wonderful trip for us and we are happy to have had the opportunity to give it to all the students of this school, new travelers, because this, since prehistoric times is the role of mural art, now definable public art, social art; to pin down their experience for others through signs. "

Nico Lopez Bruchi
Art Director of the Elektro Domestik Force group

Thanks to:
Dario Nardella - Mayor of Florence,
Cristina Giachi - Deputy Mayor of Florence,
Gabriele Toccafondi - Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education,
Mirko Dormentoni - President of District 4,
Ludovico Arte - Head of ITT "Marco Polo"
Marco Cecchi - Councilor for the Municipality of Pontedera, 
Ponteverde Cooperativa Sociale ONLUS,

Technical sponsors:
Colortecnica Store
Montana Spray

All the staff and teachers of ITT Marco Polo
Street Operators of the Cooperativa "Cepiss" 
The guys who made the graffiti adjacent to ours:
Joele, Rocco, Leonardo, Oleh, Jonny, Stefano
Irene and Virginia, students of ITT "Marco Polo" 
for the help they gave us in making the mural

And all the people who participated in the presentation of the new mural.

A project by:
Elektro Domestik Force, 
Ponteverde Cooperativa Sociale ONLUS 
Comune di Pontedera

Project realized in the context of TOSCANAINCONTEMPORANEA2017

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