I love cats; I have a black cat named Kiky and a gray tabby named Beefy.
When I adopted Kiky, I adopted her from a non-profit organization that rescued kittens and older cats and fostered them until they were adopted.
She was handed to me with a MASSIVE amount of paperwork, contracts, health information, when and where was she found, who found her, what medical procedures had she had, or which ones she needed, etc. 
I didn't pay attention to the necessity and urgency of the paperwork, until I had to take her for her first vet appointment.

The vet asked me a bunch of questions in which the answers were in the paperwork, but everything was son disorganized I got frustrated trying to find the information. I then decided to redo the information package they hand out when they successfully complete an adoption.
The rebranding of this form came after narrowing about five pages of information pertinent to the cat owner and the vet that takes care of the first two visits, into a single page, that goes straight to the point of who is the owner and if the adopted cat was treated, medicated or has concerning health conditions. 
I also created a set of stickers that are useful for the new cat owner to set important dates that will help create a schedule that will help provide the best care on time, for their new pet.
The folders I created, were also color coded to differentiate from a kitten care package and a cat care package. Each folder contains only information about either care for kittens or care for older cats, based on what they adopted.