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Beyond Visual Identity


Identity design for a Hungarian architectural visualization studio.
Hidden Characters 2014
Beyond Visual creates photorealistic visuals and fly-through animations. The company works with marketing departments at several major real estate, architectural and civil engineering agencies.
The studio’s name, “Beyond Visual” gave us the initial direction. When creating an identity, a designer has just two dimensions to work with. We wanted to move beyond that and create the illusion of space, just like the studio does for its clients.
We based the visual language on optical illusions that, though two dimensional, appear three dimensional to the viewer. We wanted to trick them to see “beyond” the observed plane.
These illusions are the foundations of the studio’s highly technical work - computer graphics use them in complex combinations to create the illusion of space.
We used a grid system to bend space and time. With this technique, regular squares become a spatial plane and two perfectly parallel lines start to curve before your eyes.
A digital look and feel is created by the typography and colour palette, combining shades of dark grey with bright turquoise. This is meant to recall user interfaces of 3D design software, which the studio uses every day.

Only spot colours could bring these unique colours to life. Screen printing was used even for simple elements like business cards.
printed by TCN Sign Studio
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Beyond Visual Identity

Beyond Visual Identity

Beyond Visual Identity Identity design for a Hungarian architectural visualization studio Beyond Visual creates photorealistic visuals and fly- Read More


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