National Architecture Policy
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Book design / Hidden Characters / 2015

In cooperation with the Deputy State Secretariat for Architecture and Construction we have designed a book which aims to establish the architectural guidelines for Hungary in the coming decades. The content was shaped into its present form as a result of several years of collaboration between the Deputy State Secretariat for Architecture and Construction and the Architects’ Roundtable, also a significant number of local architects added their values to help determine the quality of our environment, to shape public taste, influence moods and form culture through architecture. The policy focuses on functionality, practicality and the efficient use of resources.
The book, the National Architecture Policy features 101 buildings designed by well-noted Hungarian architects – each of them falls into various categories such as cultural, educational, institutional, housing and landscape, either built in the past or in the last few years. The issue is richly illustrated with architectural imagery photographed by Tamás Bujnovszky, the worthily famous Hungarian architecture photographer. Titles and text are set in Westeinde, a geometric typeface by the acknowledged Hungarian type designer, Ádám Katyi. The book utilizes a clean and elegant layout in favour of the spectacular photographs and is divided into different sections organized to follow the directions provided by the agenda.
Additionaly, a series of graphics were created to open each sections and to echo well-known Hungarian buildings by abstract and reductionist combination of geometric shapes derived from a certain point of view. The design explores architectural standards along with relevant themes of light and shadow, which two help us to sense the visible and the real surfaces of buildings. These ideas and intentions are neatly realized as uncoated and monochromatic material choices, screen printed cover, black textile ribbon, blind debossing on white Gmund paper and varnished graphic on the black case. The first edition was limited to 1000 copies, out of which 300 were numbered being blind debossed on the spine of the black case. For the incredibly high quality execution and printing, thanks to Inkredible Letterpress.
Publisher: Prime Minister's Office,
Deputy State Secretariat for Architecture and Construction;
Lechner Tudásközpont
Published: 2015
Copies: 1000 (first edition)
Project coordination: Zsolt Füleky, Ágnes Bendsák,
Tibor Bodnár, Zoltán Szij, Gergely Tarnai
Specialist reviewer: Balázs Balogh DLA, Tamás Perényi DLA
Photographs: Tamás Bujnovszky
Typeface: Westeinde Caption, designed by Ádám Katyi
Printing: Inkredible Letterpress
Graphic design: Hidden Characters
National Architecture Policy

National Architecture Policy

National Architecture Policy Book design, 2015

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