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Short. Short. Short - Loop animation

We like the work activities that capture happy moments and messages of everyday life that can be felt moment by moment in a short, repetitive animation based on our original content CarryGrowComics.

Come on, I'm hungry.🤨
Buy chicken when you come in and come.
(There is always a reason for being late.)
Please turn the sound on.🔊

I'm ready to take a picture. Let's start!
(Please take pretty pictures this year too.✌️😉)

I'm meditating.
I'm concentrating.
(But I'm a little curious about the message.🥹)

What the hell did i eat?🤨
(Regret, regret, regret😭)

Can you really pull it out?🤨
(You can just buy me a present.😏)

Rabbit, Please support us this year too.
(But you're a rabbit right?🤨🙄)

CarryGrowComics has its brand message of "Finding hidden happiness in everyday life" with its original contents.  Every day doesn't always have to be special, and you don't have to be stressed out to make it special.  This is because there are many happy moments in our daily lives that we cannot feel because they are taken for granted.  CarryGrowComics, because it is familiar, finds happy moments that are not visible and tells stories in the form of comics to convey the brand message, "There are happy moments close to everyone."
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There are many neighbors around us and many episodes are made with them.
Look around. Warm neighbors are always with you around you.  :)

Thanks for watching.

CarryGrow is a Contents Design Studio.
"Finding Hidden Happiness"🌞
We find happy things and create warm contents.

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Short. Short. Short - Loop animation

Short. Short. Short - Loop animation