Welding Jig V2
Designed and built with the club I started, Bike Builders of Berkeley
Maximized use of 80-20 for convenience + cost
Custom tapered cones for keeping cylindrical parts concentric
3d printed + Machined dropout jig
CAD Model
The jig was modeled in CAD so that we could easily reference dimensions when setting up the tubes in it.
Manufacturing of Jig V2
The cones were hand turned on a metal lathe out of Aluminum. The rest of the parts were 3d printed or off the shelf for easily replaceability and low cost.
Jig V2 in Action
Once completing the jig, we set up our tubes and tacked them all around. Then, a final pass finished our welding on the frame!
Our V2 frame welding jig worked well for what it was. It allowed us to focus on the bike design, and weld an entire frame.

However, it was difficult to adjust and not as rigid as desired.
Welding Jig V2

Welding Jig V2


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