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Bike Builders of Berkeley Team Jersey

Bike Builders of Berkeley Team Jersey
misc photos from members riding with the jersey!
Ryan Ho, photo from riding Grinduro
Zach Liu, photoshoot on UC Berkeley campus
Ziven Posner, graduation photos
Jersey Computer Design
The computer designs below were done using Adobe Photoshop, but the logos and decals were replicated using Adobe Illustrator so that they can be seamlessly scaled up for printing on the jersey
We went back and forth for 3 weeks with the design, adding more, removing things, moving things around, etc. One notable design was a welder on the front that was welding the zipper up. It was cute, but we were concerned it wouldn't turn out well. Another solid idea was using CAD screenshots to make a pattern. It might work well in the future, but we don't currently have enough interesting CAD models to fill an entire jersey. In the end we were limited by time, as the goal was to have them in hand by Sea Otter 2023.
The decals are higher quality on the jersey, as they exist as .ai files that can be infinitely scaled up
the final deliverable that was sent to Sportful, in addition to all the .ai logo files
HUGE THANK YOU TO SPORTFUL, for their patience with me as well as their sponsorship.
Our team jersey brings me so much joy when I see it. Not only does it add to the legitimacy of our club, it reminds me of all the work that goes into creating beautiful things.
If you are interested in buying our next jersey, send us a message on instagram and we will add you to a mailing list!
Bike Builders of Berkeley Team Jersey

Bike Builders of Berkeley Team Jersey

Bike Builders of Berkeley's first ever team jersey!!!


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