L'Oréal Parisien Beauty Lab

L'Oréal Parisien Beauty Lab

Where science powers beauty, and beauty empowers all of us. 
We worked together with L'Oréal to create a thematic video to showcase their skin products (Glycolic-Bright Acid Serum, Revitalift Hyaluronic Acid, Elseve Extraordinary Oil & Infallible Matte Cover).

Pioneering Science
Each laboratory was specially designed based on the main ingredient featured within each product, as well as the main product itself. As part of our efforts to capture the clean and scientific atmosphere of the lab, we also included science apparatus.
Parisien Elements

As a call-back to the heritage, we added subtle touches of Parisien elements in the labs, but not so much that they overshadow the main products. At the back of the Makeup Lab, we displayed a banner of the Eiffel Tower using a screen, while making sure the main product (Infallible Matte Cover) takes visual center stage. 
Spicing things up

The team at L'Oréal had initial ideas for their online retail platform ad banners. Our goal was to make this video more impactful. So, we offered creative advice and solutions and devised a visual narrative to create more visual flow. As we progressed through the training process, we took advantage of dynamic camera movements to seamlessly transition between labs.  
Director's message
This film showcases a lineup of beauty products. Our approach to capturing the essense of the brand has been driven by the desire to break industry norms and incorporate the brand's inherent qualities. We have achieved this by utilizing dynamic camera movements and captivating visuals to enliven and elevate the overall visual experience.

As a collaborative agency, we hold ourselves accountable for producing exceptional work alongside our clients. We genuinely care about the work we do and want to ensure that we produce top-notch results.

In this particular project, we conveyed our reservations regarding the initial concept's potential to stand out amidst the crowd. We worked together to explore different possibilities for visual dynamics and storytelling. It was a collaborative effort that ultimately led to a finished product that everyone was happy with.

Client: L’Oreal
Creative Studio: Masonry Studios

Executive Creative Producer: Zulkifli Md Zaid
Concept: Masonry Studios Brainstorm
Director: Ronald Fong
Story Artist: Ching Gje Chew
Lead Animator: Ching Gje Chew
Animators: Deemei Ong, Jinsheng Yip
Art Director: Gina See
3D Modelling: Roy Yeo
Additional Modelling: Rachel Chew
Lookdev: Gina See, Jovan Ong, Benjamin Lim, Jinsheng Yip,
Visual Effects: Roy Yeo
Edit, Title & Motion Designer: Deemei Ong
Additional 3D & Comp Fixes: Rachel Chew, Giselle
Behind-The-Scenes Video Edit: Rachel Chew
L'Oréal Parisien Beauty Lab