Temporary Cardboard Pavilion
Competiton by [AC-CA]
A proposal for a temporary pavilion in Trafalgar Square, London for the Olympic Games. 

The brief was to create a pavilion to house a cafe, information centre, souvenir shop, and back of house office and services.

Extending my love for the cardboard from object design into architecture, cardboard tubes are used as the basic module for the pavilions. @ pavilions are created, essentially of the same composition but flipping one upside down, a viewing seating/platform and a enclosable pavilion shop are created.   

Its modular design allows for easy disassembly and reassembles at a later time and place. 
aerial perspective
the cafe
view from the cafe stadium seating, looking down to the stool seating on plaza level, and big screen at the end.  
cafe serving and toilet facilities are tucked underneath the cardboard seating
stool seatings on plaza level 
roof to the Information centre + Souvenir shop
information + souvenir shop interior
panorama from plaza level