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    Competition entry to design a new library and associated plaza in Green Square.
competition entry to design a new library and associated plaza in green square.
We wanted to celebrate books, 
to use books as a trigger to memories that may otherwise be forgotten, such as the traditional libraries of great with towers of books, accessible via ladders on wheels. 
Books and the bookshelves that house the books will become the wall that defines the library, a symbol of knowledge immediately recognizable from both inside and out; from the outside the library will be viewed as a monument and urban landmark, and a much more comfortable and intimate cocoon when view from the inside. 
Within the walls the library will be transformed, it is still a place to gather people and share knowledge, but the hardware will be defined by the best method / technology to transfer and download information.
view from the main street intersection, showing 3 different mode of interacting with the library; via lightrail, on foot, or in vehicle as this view protrays
giants traditional timber bookshelves wraps around the high tech spaces
bookshelves as building facades, incoporating blocks of green planting blending furniture and landscape feature. perforated plateforms lightly interrupts the 3 storey high shlevings. 
plaza inbetween the 2 library blocks. multipurpose shallow pond used as cooling device, can be drained to reveal a small amphitheatre.