Maguite is a 2D platform adventure game where you control a mage trying to get her magic back and return to the forest from a world conquered by the machines.

The game is actually just an experiment for me to learn game development. It's really short, a sort of vertical slice, that most likely will never be completed.

You can play the free demo here:

Or check out my process to make it:

Low level scheme of the game story and maps progression

Full layout of the first level

Levels sketches

Concept for Level 01: The City

Concept for Level 02: The Cave

Concept for Level 03: The Desert

Concept for the Last level: The Forest

Half of the project is the animated intro. I'm an animator before a game designer, so it made sense for me to put an extra effort to create an animated cinematic that also served as an introduction for the story of the game.

Storyboard. I had to cut a few shots.

Color Script


Intro animation. Press play!

Process video of the intro animation

"Art is never finished, only abandoned"

As my first game, Maguite is a flawed game, full of things that can be improved. I could go on forever trying to improve it, or close the chapter and move on, to start something new.

I learned a lot making this and had a lot of fun.
I hope you can enjoy it too!

Gameplay screenshots

Play the free demo!


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