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Motion Graphics
After Effects

MediaMonks hit 5K on their Instagram account. To celebrate, we created this short animation that I directed and animated.

Sound was crafted by the amazing MediaMonks in-house team.

This was the early concept to pitch the idea.

First and super rough animatic. The final animation kept pretty much the same mood!

Character sheet. I ended up simplifying the clothing design to improve readability.

Finally, some proper styleframes!

Tying down the animation!

I created symbols to animate the rotation of the arcade machine and the character. Then I placed both elements interacting with the camera to create the final scene.​​​​​​​ For the arcade machine, I wanted to make the rotation without a 3d reference, to achieve a more imperfect look.

Hope you liked it!​​​​​​​ :)

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This is a short animation I made at MediaMonks to celebrate reaching 5K on their Instagram account.