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    visual poetry by Mary Ellen Soolt animated to explain it.
Original work by Mary Ellen Solt.
Brief: Consider the concrete poetry created by Mary Ellen Solt andinterpret it through an animation by using typography only.
From morse code to nature.
The project aims to transfer the idea of an ordinative mind able togenerate the spectacle of nature throughout a simple grammar.
In order to interpret that, I have associated to every letter of the poetry its sonorous translation according to Morse Code.
This soundtrack evolves during the animation: from a sharp, metallic sound to a progressive mutation into water drops.
Water becomes this way the symbol of the birth of life. Thescreen gradually fills up and the movements soften; shapes take upvolumes and the music gets richer in melody.

(this is my first attempt with AfterEffects and sound design)
Package made for video presentation. (oops, I'have lost the photoes so I made this render to show you)