Fedora project means to show thinking diversities, questions, troubles and each possible hypothesis while we plan an infrastructural project. Fedora belongs to our social world: it is sharing information, it is our memory.
Fedora uses net potential and mass media visibility: each single project is “narrated”, described and analyzed by various technical instruments. It makes use of information collected by public administrations, individualities and business directly involved in project planning, financing or management. And, above all, by people that lives there. You can use a web portal to keep track of the mediatic information, of citizens’ voices, of the projectplanners, financiers or managers’ opinions. You can make use of two minutes of project-figure-out in a short local TV program; we also provide a scheduled printed documentation, both as a long detailed informative report and as a regular supplement to local newspaper: graphical representation of the most important facts and rumors about the project.
Newspaper column