Have you ever thought about how much easier particle physics would be to understand if a cat explained it to you? No? Strange… In any case – we’ve combined these two likely concepts to visualise an explanatory film for the Berlin Helmholtz Center.
What on earth are the benefits from a superconducting cavity? And what does that sentence even mean? Have no fear, it’s simply explained with the help of Schrödingers Cat who helps us through the film, juggling electrons one moment, electrocuting itself another before finally resting up with a cocktail.
We worked in collaboration with the excellent Hoppenhaus & Grunze Media Production to bring this classic cartoon to life with a modern twist. We’ve been lucky enough to accompany Schrödinger's Cat all the way from character design, storyboarding and animation, right the way up to it’s final completion.
We’re purring with pride.
Character Design(s):
“Feynman” who made the race
“Feynman” in pastels ;-)
Some Highlights of the Design Journey…
Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin 
Hoppenhaus & Grunze Medienproduktion 
Executive Producer:
Christian Remiger 
Christian Remiger, Moritz Schwind 
Oliver Tomann, Leo Dziallas, Moritz Schwind 
Kai Saffran 
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