Bihler's Leantool is a holistic concept for stamping and bending manufacturers. Strictly following the rules of standardisation and modularisation the concept enables users to speed up their workflow from planning to production.

What once used to depend on a few genius tool constructors is now backed by a huge database providing crucial informations like bending steps, setup time and pulse rate to the manufacturers. Templates provided by the database can be customised and sent to the servo stamping and forming machine. Then, production takes place – fast, complex, precise. It seems that the Star Trek Replicator is about to become reality!

büro bewegt had the great pleasure to help Bihler spread the word about their new manufacturing concept. To illustrate its holistic nature we decided to show the whole process in one room. The combination of real footage, green screen and CG imagery enabled us to show Leantool in all its complexity.

During this project we dedicated quite some time to pre-production. First of all we developed the concept via storyboards, then we refined it into an elaborate Animatic. The Animatic gave our client a good impression on how the final movie will look like and also helped us a lot with planning the actual movie shoot.
The shooting took place at BMW's old factory building in Munich. In order to support the desired look the hall was equipped with a huge softbox as well as a green screen to facilitate adding the stamping machine later in 
After the shooting we re-constructed the camera with 3D cam tracking and replaced the green screen with the actual machine.
We converted a lot of CAD data to polygons! All the CGI Shots were created in Cinema 4D and rendered with Redshift Render.
Client: Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG
Head of Marketing: Pedro Gato López
Technical supervisor: Thomas Zettlmeier

Concept, Creative Direction: Leo Dziallas / Christian Remiger
Production: Christian Remiger
Direction: Leo Dziallas
Producing: Katharina Le
Copywriter: Leo Dziallas / Christian Remiger
Storyboard: Leo Dziallas
Animatic: Leo Dziallas / Oliver Tomann

1st Assistant Director: Stefan Hornung
Set manager: Lennard Fricke
Set-Assistant: Leonard Barth
DOP: Stefan Hafen
1st Asst Camera: Florian Lorenz
Gaffer: Christoph Blase
Electrician: Vladimir Müller
Dolly grip: Robert Reindke
VFX Supervisor: Giuseppe Laudani
Costume: Helena Blank
Make-Up Artist: Ellen Nicklas
Rigging: Fabian Sutor, Peter Pecuch, Soliri GmbH
Set construction: Anne Heinze
Location Supervision BMW: Christina Langer, Benjamin Röll
Cast: Bernd Jornitz, Matthias Teuchert, David Walk, Norbert Immler, Thomas Zettlmeier
Catering: Stürzer Catering
Rental: KLT
With the kind support of Fey Messebau

Editing: Christian Remiger, Leo Dziallas, Oliver Tomann
3D Artists: Leo Dziallas, Felix Wolf, Konstantin Lucke, Matthias Lein, Oliver Tomann
Compositing: Giuseppe Laudani (Lead), Katharina Hermann, Oliver Tomann
Grading: Oliver Tomann
German Voice Over: Johannes Raspe
English Voice Over: Thomas A. Tucker
Music: ATF
Sound Recording & Mixes: Oliver Guse
Bihler Leantool Movie

Bihler Leantool Movie