Vollkontakt Drum & Bass
Animal Flyer Collection / 2012-2014
Vollkontakt is a biweekly clubnight for Drum & Bass music in Vienna. While having become somewhat of an institution for this genre in the cities nightlife, and starting to earn renown for it's fine selection of quality acts, the brand still lacked a recognizable visual identity when they approached me in late 2012.
Yet as technical, futuristic & busy motives had somehow become a visual meme in this music genre, we wanted to create something that would stand out. It should be clean and reduced, type-based, yet not fool viewers in confounding the looks with flyers for techno & house clubbings, which are commonly associated with such designs.
The idea of mostly using pictures of animals as visual hooks that fit the name, appearance or style of the nights headliner developed quite naturally, after the tiger closeup I picked for Dub Phizix (toned & cut to remind of their iconic "Marka" video) was received with great success by fans & visitors. After the amazing reaction we got, we continued to roll out this series for little over a year, and still get fotos from guests who have collected an impressive portion of all flyers we put out.