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    A small selection of logos, constructed letterings & hand letterings done over the past years.
A small selection of logos & custom letterings done during the past years.
Monogram & logo for DnB legends Camo & Krooked. Full custom lettering
London based Drum & Bass label "Bad Taste Recordings (BTR)"
Experimental electronic music formation "Black Lotus Experiment"
Custom lettering for the common logo of multiple festivals in the open air location "Wiesen" in Austria.
Vienna based photographer "Tiefenrausch", specialized in event & live photography
Austrian EDM formation "Naked Fish"
Custom lettering for Vienna based DJ, promoter & head of Mainframe Recordings "Disaszt".
Event series "Madness Can't Wait", using the acronym "MaCaWa".
Southern austrian floorball team "The Bandyts".
Media agency "Alpha Connect". Logo developement & font selection.
"WS"-monogram for quarter annual magazine "Unser Wörthersee".
Israeli electroswing formation "Segment", signed to Etage Noir Records.
to be continued...