Rice Creative was responsible for creating and branding a new fundraising platform in Vietnam for UNICEF. This became the UNICEF ZEROawards. The Logo mark for the brand is a call to action.  A zero "0" is built from hundreds of pluses "+", with each plus representing the power of individual donations to make ZERO become a reality. The ZERO is an extension on UNICEF's Global campaign "believe in ZERO" , which aims to bring the number of preventable child deaths to zero.
When it came to designing the award for the first annual UNICEF ZEROawards, the aim was to reinforce the ZERO Mark concept, and affirm that making ZERO a reality is in the hands of us all.
Two highly reflective planes of brass join at 90 degrees. One plane is etched with the  ZERO mark, the other is blank, acting as a mirror to complete the ZERO at the right position.The object is interactive, in that the one holding it can literally complete the ZERO by changing the way the reflection is viewed.