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Knock-Knock SparkStorys #003
Character Design
✦ The real way to play the Rubik's Cube!!!

我今天真的太好奇了,我給怪獸偷留張紙條問: 對你而言組魔術方塊是輕而易舉的一件事,為何要花那麼多時間把每面打亂呢?
怪獸留言說: 每面都有不同顏色的組合,這才是魔術方塊最美的樣子。


I have been observing this monster for several nights and have found that he always starts playing with the Rubik's Cube at 9:20 pm. He sets up each side of the Rubik's Cube in almost 10 seconds, and then spends 2 hours and 30 minutes messing up each side of the Rubik's Cube.

I was so curious today that I left a note for the monster asking: Why do you spend so much time messing up each side when it's so easy for you to put together a magic tile?  The monster left a note saying: Each side has a different color combination, that's the most beautiful look of the magic square.

✦ It turns out that happiness is self-given!!
我觀察這隻Knock Knock monster好幾天了,他總在星期三晚上8:00在NN公園玩他的3D Game Boy,光是讓西洋棋飄起來旋轉就讓他開心了一整晚,也代表他一整晚都只玩西洋棋的旋轉與移動。



I have been observing this Knock Knock monster for a few days now. He always plays his 3D Game Boy on Wednesday nights at 8:00 pm at NN Park. Just making backgammon float and spin makes him happy all night long, which means he only plays backgammon spinning and moving all night long.

It turns out that happiness is very simple.

✦ KNOCK KNOCK MONSTER's space tourism!!
I can go backwards and forwards, and you can also rotate, occasionally slowing down to enjoy the slow space, as long as the direction is correct, enjoying the journey is the most beautiful and precious.
Knock-Knock SparkStorys #003
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Knock-Knock Animation