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Illuminating the future of healthcare

85% of clinical trials fail due to lack of consistency in patient reporting. Patchai offers truly patient-centric solutions, developed to improve the engagement of clinical trial participants and patients undergoing medical treatment, to improve the quality, accuracy and consistency of the data obtained.

We helped them rebrand moving away from a category anchored in the discourse of technology, where medical jargon competed with software acronyms, and we undertook the challenge of going beyond the functional attributes of the product. Working to improve the way in which patient data is collected in healthcare and thus improve the quality of life means, in the end: bringing light. New ideas and solutions that illuminate the path of all those who revolve around them. We then defined the tagline 'Illuminating the future of healthcare', empowering, and accompanying the people involved.

Patchai's visual identity stems from the concept of 'illuminate'. The axis of Patchai's new visual language enhances empathy in a contemporary way, slightly softening the angles, through a molded typography with open cuts, and the revitalization of the color palette.

To bring the new design language to life, we have also helped them with the creation of Pat, Patchai's character, the point of interaction for patients in the app and the friendliest face of the brand: a halo of light that marks the way, towards the next step in the patient's journey and towards a better future for medicine.

GRÁVITA —'s profile