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    A proposal for Designboom Le vache qui rit 90 years celebration competition. by Miha Kosmač, 2011
A design proposal for 90 years celebration of La vache qui rit (LVQR, translated to Laughing cow) a world famous soft cheese brand, done for the 2011 Designboom competition.
The idea was to present the LVQR iconic smiling cow as the most iconic smile we all know and use on daily basis, the simple smiley first seen in 1963. The slogans LOL (laughing out loud) since 1921 or ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) for 90 years really work well because those are the ultimate expressions of laugh in the modern era. LVQR is also an abbreviation, so LVQR FTW also works well. Users can indentify themselves with the campaign because they use these icons and language daily in texts, email or on social networks.
A smart phone and email application or just simple upgrade of the smiley icons system would work perfectly as a teaser campaign and as good promotion, besides the posters, shirts, bags and other promotional material.
by Miha Kosmač, 2011