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    A proposal for the 300. Anniversary coin of the great Tolmin folk rising.
Two proposals for a coin released by the Bank of Slovenia at the 300. Anniversary of the great Tolmin folk rising of 1713.
by Miha Kosmač,
Ljubljana, 2012

The recognizable silhouettes of the most common working tool and a farmer's weapon in the folk rising are stylized in a fish eye perspective. It gives the feeling greatness and power of the crowd of the great Tolmin flok rising.

The many silhouettes of the tools/weapons create a raster pattern creating the feeling of the vast crowd of the gret Tolmin folk rising. The weapons are positioned in aggresive diagonal composition telling of the will and the power of the crowd. The silhouettes of the faces give a touch of the human, and their strong 'black' surface is a great counterpart to the weapons.