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    Post stamps designed for the Post of Slovenia 2013 series.
The stamps were designed for the Post of Slovenia 2013 series. The themes were as followed: Ne joči, Peter (Slovenian film archives), Tomos 4 (Slovenian industrial design) and Winter Olympic games in Sochi, Russia 2014.
Ne joči, Peter stamp, envelope and postmark received the Golden Bra in Small promos category on this years Magdalena festival for Young Creatives.
Tomos 4 stamp, envelope and postmark received the Silver bra in Small promos category.
The idea behind the first stamp was to best as possible represent the film and the laws of the media itself.
The best way to do that to me seemed to make the best of the visual and the content. I picked out 4 of the most famous QUOTES from the movie. The one on the stamp: "A si ti tut not padu?" was regarded as the most famous slovenian movie quote in an recent article in the newspaper.
I also chose to use for pictures, representing all of the lead actors in the movie.
The design of the stamp is in tune with the years when the movie was supposed to be happening.
The idea behind the Tomos 4 stamp was really just the perfect combination of the theme of the stamp and the old post marks that had the shape of waves.
The visual execution of the stamp is coherent to the times when the motor was created. The detail on the envelope portrays the most famous slovenian seaside town Piran.
The idea behind the final stamp was to merge the image of Olympic games with that of Russia. I found a way to combine Matryoshka, a strong symbol of Russia in the west and the famous olympic circles.
Also the stylization of the hills and backgound, with its diamond shapes, is in relation to the visual identity of the olympic games.