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    Creation of the corporate promotion site for FOSS LIGHTING in Greece.
Foss Homepage - several things are going on here, first scaling full size images. Second we have a nice jquery scrolling code so when you scroll with mouse wheel, it will jump to the next visual element.
Creme de la creme projects view.

I went all out on this. Its a html5 jquery layered integration.
That means i am using jquery layered on standard html (so google can see all links) to control loading everything. If you resize the page then the shuffle jquery code kicks in and will augment to the size of your browser window. You can filter projects using the menu to the left.
Navigation is hidden here so you have a totally uninterupted view of all the works.
Filtering by "Hotels - Resorts"
Now for the full image carousel for the project. Each shot has additional information as well (top right)
May as well get some custom google maps action in, Here i take the GEO Coords saved in the cms and plot each of the project locations on google maps, along with additional information (thumbnail and title / description of the project). If a project has no coords it is not placed on the map.
Here you can see the ISOTOPE jquery kicking in and shuffling the projects on a narrow browser.
Off course it would not be a site without a simple document display with nice left navigation.